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The Love Sun

Updated: May 1, 2023

By Grace Sun

What if the sun were made of love?

Raising our heads, we see a warm, open smile. We feel the envelop of a comforting hug, smell the aroma of our grandmother's apple pie, hear the laughs of our loved ones. And we know – just know – that we are loved. We are not alone.

Light and heat will not be lost, for love shines a magical light, illuminating even the darkest corners of our hearts and dreams, warming the coldest depths of our souls. The Love Sun lights, and keeps alight a constant flame of hope in every human heart, warming us, comforting us, encouraging us, all while it burns infinitely.

And you don’t need to worry about love.

Don’t worry about who’ll love you, or how they’ll love you, or when you’ll find love. Love will be the most infinite and effortless presence in this world. Look for it in the tiny crevices of human nature, in the way rosebuds bloom, and in home cooked meals and the smiles of passing strangers. You’ll find it in your music and your jokes, and you’ll find it in the way you always return home for the holidays. Love is every “how are you going”, every “drive safely”, every “have you eaten yet”. Yes, love is all around you, in every moment, in every day, even without the Love Sun. But what the Love Sun will do is help these tiny, quotidian elements shine brighter, so that all around you glows a gleaming light of love. Friend, don’t you worry about love. It will meet you at your best; it will reach you at your worst. Love will always find you.

And what impact will love have on cases of depression? Will it be a source of healing for those suffering? With more love to go around, hopefully we will be inspired and encouraged to love and care for others. To love and to be loved. We are more human when we love. Even plants will grow stronger and healthier as they listen to the Love Sun’s whispers of “I love you” and sense the gentle caresses of the love rays – definitely not scientifically proven that speaking to a plant will help it grow.

But … will we really appreciate the love if it surrounds us all the time? What does love mean to us when there is no loneliness? Will we all begin to fear the dark, when the sun sets, and the constancy of love is lost?

Maybe we will occasionally forget to appreciate the love we have. We often don’t realise the value of something until we lose it. When we have it in abundance, we take it for granted. With a Love Sun, some may indeed begin to take love for granted, but at least everyone is given equal opportunity to attain happiness. And remember, happiness only truly settles in grateful hearts.

And when darkness settles in, as the sun leaves and the moon takes its place, when the flame of hope in our hearts begins to diminish, will we only learn to fear darkness, or will it be our chance to learn the value of love? I say, the space it leaves is now our room to grow. Let its absence become its presence, and steal from the day what night has stolen from you…

Think of it this way:

The moon shows up every night,

Yet the sun sets at its every sight.

What’s this but unconditional love and light?

Just wait and watch it happen again. Tonight.

With so much space in our hearts, I don’t think we can ever have too much love. Unless…the sun was not made of love, but instead, something we love. Then, our love could become obsessive and damaging. But with love shining down upon us every day, I hope those who otherwise are missing love are all able to see the bright smile of a loved one, feel the warming embrace of a lost one, smell the familiar laundry detergent of a forgotten one, and hear the laughs and loving whispers of the one. Whether we have deep wounds, grief or pangs of loneliness, the Love Sun shall heal us, igniting our soul with an ever-burning flame of hope. It will teach us love, forgiveness, and compassion, healing us of wounds and karma, creating miracles. And when you heal yourself, you heal the world.

Love is the key to saving our world. Love is the highest form of revolt: when we love, we revolt against our fears, against our experiences, and against society and its rumours. Love for yourself, love for others, love for this world. Love is all there is.

If the sun were made of love, the condition of love would be so strong it holds all celestial objects in their heavenly positions, just as it wraps around us like a second skin, fuelling the flow of burning blood in our veins.


look up

you are not alone

the sun loves you with all its grace.

Grace is a LLB student playing a 24-hour lofi loop.

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Jun 01, 2022

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