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Chilli Pepper - Convened

By Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper is Peppercorn’s resident solutions expert, providing spicy solutions to student problems.


I tried to ask a question about lectures on a Wattle Discussion Board for one of my courses and the convenor embarrassed me in front of everyone and didn’t even answer my question. How do I come back from such a big hit to my reputation?


Dearest Convened

Let me express my deepest sympathies – but I must ask, did you check the Course Summary first? Even so, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being ghosted on the discussion board only for the Wattle digest email to re-emphasise the terrible sense of abandonment. I suggest you go out, buy some different disguises: think toupé, hungover-celebrity-big-sunglasses and a hoodie to pull up over your head (which I assume will be hanging in shame). Before you know it, someone else will come along and ask if footnotes are included in the wordcount (it was in the Course Summary) and your ghosting will be long forgotten!

Forever your most Antagonist Aunt (who already checked the Course Summary),

Chilli Pepper Xx

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