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peppercorn series

Peppercorn has several recurring series that are published online or in the biannual magazine: 

  • Pepper Grinder - Reporting for ANU law students and beyond

  • In Law - Interviews with practicing members of the Australian legal community 

  • Laugh Pronounced 'Law' - A collection of legal jokes

  • Peppermint - Interviews with ANU law students and beyond

  • In Dissent - Highlighting important dissenting legal judgments

  • Pepper Spray - Articles about injustice, criminal law, protests and civil disobedience 

  • Chilli Pepper - Tell us your life/law problems and Chilli Pepper will give you a spicy solution

  • Pepperoni Observational News Corp - Satirical news and reporting at ANU

  • Sketchy Verdict - ANU law student cartoons

  • Peep Review - Reviews of ANU law student events and beyond

Chilli Pepper is the resident pseudonym for anonymous magazine contributions. 


Publication of these series is based on interest from contributors and Content-Editors. If you would like to produce work under any of these series, please get in touch at

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