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Chilli Pepper - ChocaBlock

By Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper is Peppercorn's resident solutions expert, providing spicy solutions to student problems.


ANU recently bought a block of land and I will probably be renting for the rest of my life. How can I get famous and rich on TikTok?


Dearest ChocaBlock

I’ve got two words for you, baby: second-hand embarrassment. It seems all the TikToks that go viral these days are the ones which send our cringe metres into overdrive. So why fight it? I say go ahead and embrace cringe. Post a really bad karaoke video. A dance video where you fall over. Mispronounce schadenfreude (that’ll get ‘em riled up!). I guarantee you will be a star in no time and you can watch that TikTok cash flow in!

Best wishes from your Aunt in Agony,

Chilli Pepper Xx

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