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Pepperoni Observational News Corp - Undergrad law student too far into double degree to drop out

By Chilli Pepper

Pepperoni Observational News Corp is a Peppercorn series that delivers satirical news and reporting via Peppercorn’s Facebook page and biannual magazine, and definitely has no affiliation with Woroni or the ANU Observer and any allusions to affiliations with these news outlets are false and misleading and should not be made or considered.

This just in...

Undergrad law student too far into nine-year part-time double degree to drop out

Lilian Fun, 25, started her double degree in law and arts seven years ago and is too far gone to drop out.

“I got into ANU law when I was, like, 18 years old and in my third year I decided that I’d never pursue law as a career,” the undergraduate law and arts student said. “I went part-time to support myself and have slowly taken on more and more work as the cost of living grew,” Lilian noted, “but this has also meant fewer courses being ticked off for my double degree.”

We asked Lilian whether it would be easier to drop out of the law degree now, rather than take on more and more HECS debt.

“It’s like gambling,” Lilian said. “HECS debt is tied to inflation and the job market is pretty strong, so I’m betting that the HECS debt bubble will eventually burst and that the job market will continue to be good for graduates when I finish... what I call the double down!”

Sensing a lack of confidence on the bet, we asked Lilian whether she was sure about her decision to stick with it.

“My 18-year-old, high-ATAR confidence led me to where I am today,” Lilian added. “Why not fulfil that 18 year old’s dream and complete the double, regardless of the negative impacts it’ll have on my real income?”

Lilian is expected to complete her studies by December 2025, but could finish her arts degree by December 2023 if she dropped out of her law degree today.

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