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Pepperoni Observational News Corp - John XXIII College boy confident in tutorial without reading

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

By Chilli Pepper

Pepperoni Observational News Corp is a Peppercorn series that delivers satirical news and reporting via Peppercorn’s Facebook page and biannual magazine, and definitely has no affiliation with Woroni or the ANU Observer and any allusions to affiliations with these news outlets are false and misleading and should not be made or considered.

This just in...

John XXIII College boy very confident in tutorial without doing the readings

Richard Winterbottom, 19, is a stand-out voice in his Environmental Sociology tutorial, despite never opening a single assigned reading on Wattle.

“I am just a very confident and broadly intelligent guy,” said the Toorak-sider, who was also the head boy at his Melbourne private school.

“I know there are plenty of introverted students who have done the readings and might be able to participate more effectively in a discussion of the course content,” Richard added. “But I really like walking in nature and looking at trees and stuff, so I think I am a pretty good source on environmental society.”

We asked others in the tutorial to confirm his claims. Their broad consensus was that letting Richard talk about nothing for 60 minutes was less harmful on their social anxiety than being singled out to talk in a tutorial.

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