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Peppercorn is hiring for Semester 2 2024!

Updated: Jul 10


Vacant positions:

  • Reporter 

  • Art Director

  • Secretary

  • Content-Editor

Applications open: Sunday 7th of July

Applications close: Wednesday 17th July

How to apply: email an expression of interest to the Editor-in-Chief at (More info below)

What are our values?

At Peppercorn we pride ourselves on holistic, academic and well-informed reporting and commentary on legal issues in Australia’s broader legal landscape. Now, Peppercorn are looking to expand its News team by recruiting dedicated reporters who are passionate about issues on campus, as well as recruiting across admin, magazine and design, and content teams!

While Peppercorn is the Law Students Society’s magazine and reporting platform, we believe the law is for and should be accessible to everyone! We value a broad range of perspectives, skills and experience. Any ANU student is welcome and encouraged to apply. 

TEAM VACANCIES: Position descriptions

NEWS TEAM: Reporter 

 The News team at Peppercorn is committed to:

  • Providing students with accessible, engaging and informative content;

  • Objective and holistic reporting;

  • Capturing a range of perspectives;

  • Promoting open dialogue and debate within the ANU community;

  • Developing skills of student journalists at ANU;

  • Promoting professional practices in journalism. 

Peppercorn’s small news team reports on current issues facing the ANU community with a strong focus on student rights and interests. Reporters are expected to be aware of changes in student politics, ANU policies and legal issues. 

This is a fast-paced role that requires strong writing skills and an ear to the ground. You will be required to write a minimum of two articles per semester, with the option to release on our Facebook page, in our magazine, or both.

Requirements of the role include:

  • Independently scoping stories

  • Pitching articles

  • Undertaking independent and diligent research 

  • Meeting bi-semester deadlines

  • Reporting on new developments

  • Attending fortnightly team meetings

  • Working cohesively within a team 

ADMIN TEAM: Secretary 

The Secretary takes carriage of Peppercorn’s administrative requirements at the direction of the EiC. Supporting administrative duties is imperative to fulfilling Peppercorn’s reporting obligations to the LSS and satisfying its operational requirements as a part of an ANU Student Society. This role requires someone with some limited experience of working in a team and supporting administrative functions.

The requirements of the role are as follows:

  • Assist in organising the executive agenda for fortnightly meetings

  • Take meeting minutes

  • Assist in managing inbox

  • Assist with maintaining the Peppercorn Website alongside the Social Media Director

  • Assist in event planning (such as for the Peppercorn Pub Crawl, and magazine launch events)

CONTENT TEAM: Content Editor

Peppercorn’s largest team is Content which comprises several key themes including ‘Community’, ‘Creative’, ‘Politics’, ‘Opinion’ and ‘Academic’. The roles of content editors may be two-fold; you may have the opportunity to edit a contributor’s article received via Peppercorn’s Contributors submissions portal, or you may write your own.

This role requires strong writing and research skills. You will be required to write or edit a minimum of two articles per semester, with the option to release on our Facebook page, in our magazine, or both. Requirements of the role include:

  • Pitching articles based on own research 

  • Undertaking independent and diligent research 

  • Independently writing draft articles

  • Sourcing contributor articles from the broader COL/ANU student body and community

  • Editing contributor articles in a way that preserves the integrity of the contributor 

  • Effectively taking on feedback and direction from the EiC

  • Meeting bi-semester deadlines

  • Attending fortnightly team meetings

Please note we currently only have the capacity to bring on one more Content Editor for semester two. We strongly encourage anyone interested in writing for peppercorn to apply for both Content Editor and Reporter positions. 

  • While both reporters and content editors have the same expectation of producing two articles per semester, a key difference between the roles is that reporters answer to the reporting director first and foremost, as opposed to the editor-in-chief, and may work to different timelines for article production than content editors, depending on when prominent events take place and need reporting on. 

  • It is possible to hold Reporter and Content-editor positions concurrently, in which case your workload will be three articles a semester, as opposed to two, but you can decide on the split (be it two reporting pieces and one other piece, or vice versa). 


The Peppercorn Magazine and Design team is small but mighty! This team oversees the design and formatting of our bi-yearly print edition of Peppercorn Magazine, and is headed by the Magazine director. We welcome an incredibly broad range of art submissions in different mediums, and are incredibly passionate about promoting and showcasing creativity in the LSS and broader ANU community.

The role of the Art Director is to help source and/or create artwork to include in the magazine. Perhaps you’ve got a creative eye, graphic design skills, a bit of un-published art that you want to see in print. Or perhaps you’re well connected in the Canberra creative scene, and might be able to encourage your friends to submit their artwork for publication! 

This role is a flexible one, but requires the sourcing of artwork in one way or another: be it through your own creation, or artwork sourced from the community. For an applicant to be successful in this role, the main criteria is a demonstrated passion for art and creative process.

Requirements of the role may include: 

  • Creating artwork to be included in the magazine

  • Sourcing artwork from other students / community members to be included in the magazine

  • Assisting the Magazine Editor in brainstorming and designing page-layouts for articles in the magazine.

  • Assisting in the design and creation of promotional materials for peppercorn 

  • magazine (eg: stickers, posters) 


Send an email to

expressing your interest in one (or more!) of the advertised positions, including a 200-400 word statement outlining the following:

  • Your name and degree/area of study,

  • Why you’re interested in the position,

  • What you can bring to the Peppercorn team, AND

  • Any relevant experience that makes you well suited for the position(s) you’re applying for.

Following the application deadline, the Editor in Chief will be in touch with applicants to arrange an informal interview (either in person or via zoom). 

Please note: 
  • if you are applying for a writing position (Reporter or Content Editor) you are welcome but not required to submit an example of previous written work along with your expression of interest. The most important attributes of any applicant is passion and enthusiasm for the role, however a demonstrated ability to produce high-quality written work will be considered advantageous to your application. 

  • Upon advancing to the interview stage of applications, anyone applying for the art director position will be requested to bring an example (or examples) of the type of art they create, or are interested in creating and sourcing (eg: inspo board) to the interview. No submission of art is required during the initial expression of interest. 

  • Applicants wishing to apply for more than one position are encouraged to submit a written statement of 200-400 words for each position they are interested in 

  • If for any reason you cannot meet the application deadline, but are still interested in applying for the role, send the EIC an email and we will do our best to accommodate an adjusted application timeline. 

Any further questions on the application process can be addressed to the Editor in Chief through email:

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