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Mad-Libs SELT Review

Eli Madar

Directions for use: Fill in the ‘blanks’ with the types of words they ask for without reading the sentences. Read the completed SELT review and enjoy. Feel free to comment below with any truly fantastic lines.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you regarding [Law Course]. I would like to start off by saying this course has taught me more about [noun] Law then I ever wanted to know. Your teaching style is reminiscent of [celebrity] [verb ending in -ing]; your lectures are [adjective] at the best of times, and [adjective] at the worst.

You obviously [verb] this subject, but sometimes this leads to [adjective] tangents about [favourite trivia question category] and that one time you visited [location] during [historical conflict]. I think your lecture slides could be improved if you [adverb] checked over them before class.

The required textbook weighed as much as a/an [animal], cost as much as a/an [number] [object, plural] and was about as helpful. Additionally, assigning a textbook YOU had written was a/an [adjective] decision.  

My favourite part of your class was the way you [adverb] explained all assessments, and the [adjective] feedback about my essay you shared publicly with the entire cohort. Aside from [boring daily task], the promise of your [adjective] tones gets me through the week.

This course single-handedly convinced me I could have a career in [verb ending in -ing] [plural noun] with their legal problems. My parents are going to be so [emotion].

Regardless of your [adverb] lecturing style, I hope you go on to have a [adjective] career. I give this course a [the last mark your got on an assessment].

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