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Chilli Pepper - Sir Robert Garran's bust

By Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper is Peppercorn's resident solutions expert, providing spicy solutions to student problems.


Ever since I joined ANU Law School, I've spent most of my time in the ANU Law Library. I'm quite shy and I don't talk very much. What can I do to break out of my mould? Sir Robert Garran's bust

Dearest Sir Robert Garran’s bust,

It sure can get lonely up in that musty library! But fear not, as you’d be surprised the many friends you can meet amongst the library aisles. Bond over your mutual frustrations of Rule 2.2 in the AGLC. Share a coffee at fellows and bemoan how your lecture is too slow on normal speed and too fast on double. Barge into a study room you simply haven’t booked and insist you have, and then make some new friends. Soon you’ll find that the Law School is not so cold and frigid, and that friendly faces are all around.

Forever your aunt in agony,

Chilli Pepper

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