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Chilli Pepper - Pinocchio

By Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper is Peppercorn's resident solutions expert, providing spicy solutions to student problems.


I'm a first year law student at ANU and I feel pretty out of my depth. When do you stop feeling like an imposter and start feeling like an actual law student?

– Pinocchio

Dearest Pinocchio,

Being dumped in the middle of a fresher cohort in a busy place like ANU can be a terrifying experience. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: nobody feels like they belong here (except maybe 7th generation lawyer skevs boys and even then…) Look around you, chances are everyone is freaking out over the same upcoming quiz as you, or just as lost in the Coombs building. Once you can accept we are all a little out of our depth, I’m sure you’ll be feeling like a real boy in no time.

Sincerely your spiciest take,

Chilli Pepper

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