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Chilli Pepper - Mr Moose

By Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper is Peppercorn's resident solutions expert, providing spicy solutions to student problems.


I saw my lecturer out dancing at Mooseheads, but was too shy to ask them to upload their slides to Wattle before their lectures. Did I miss an important opportunity in the history of ANU Law School that would have changed our lives forever?

– Mr Moose

Dearest Mr Moose,

Rather than expound any further on this proposition, I simply leave you with the proverbial words of Elkaim J, ‘Extraordinarily, crimes seem to be committed on the way to Mooseheads, at Mooseheads, or having left Mooseheads. I do not know why this is so’. Make of this what you will.

Hot off the presses,

Chilli Pepper

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