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Peppermint – ANU Formula Sport

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

By Marcelo Cabezas

Supplied 2023 - ANU Formula Sport

Peppermint is a Peppercorn series where we interview and learn more about ANU law students and beyond.

One of the most popular shows on Netflix at the moment is Formula 1: Drive to Survive. You get to see the fights, factions and fierce competition that goes on behind the scenes of F1 racing. It's introducing a new generation to the sport, but the world of race cars seems so far removed from uni life. Or is it?

As you'll learn, ANU has a club dedicated to creating and racing a formula-style car! For this edition of Peppermint, we interview and learn more about ANU Formula Sport.

What is ANU Formula Sport?

ANU Formula Sport began in 2020 and is a student-run team with a task to design, build, and race a formula-style car. ANU Formula Sport aims to compete in the Formula SAE, an annual student design and racing competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) since 1980.

This year's Formula SAE event is held in Victoria, involving 33 university teams. It simulates a situation where a fictional manufacturer contracts a student design team to develop a small formula-style racing vehicle to be evaluated for its production potential. Participating students are to fulfil the task via the Design Event, the Cost-Event and the Presentation Event.

Supplied 2023 - ANU Formula Sport

Why do people join ANU Formula Sport?

You don’t just have to be an engineering student, or car enthusiast to join ANU Formula Sport. Some of the team members wanted to try new things and become a part of a wider team. There are different teams within Formula SAE that cater to different interests. Enjoy more hands on work? Join the chassis or suspension team. Enjoy more online work? Join the IT team.

Do you have to be an engineer to join?

No. Anyone is welcome

Having a diverse team allows ANU Formula Sport to draw from various disciplines such as finance, arts, business, engineering, and software. The team members bring a unique set of skills and experience that help its common goal.

There is no expectation to have any prior experience or knowledge when joining the team. ANU Formula Sport run workshop inductions and allows its members to try new things first hand.

Supplied 2023 - ANU Formula Sport

Where will the car be raced?

Winton Raceway - Victoria

How can students get involved and what skills do you need?

ANU Formula Sport is always willing to accept new applications to become involved. It advertises and recruits at the start of each semester but will consider applications at any point.

"We encourage all students to apply and within your application express which area of the team they would like to work within. Tech, which is split into smaller specific teams of Chassis and Suspension, Powertrain, Electronics and Aerodynamics. Business, with sponsorship, marketing, and IT.

Applications can be made through our submission box on our ANU Formula Sport Facebook page and website."

Facebook: ANU Formula Sport

Supplied Team Photo 2023 - ANU Formula Sport

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