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Peppermint - Alana Cruz

By Callum Florance

Peppermint is a Peppercorn series where we interview and learn more about ANU law students and beyond.

Photograph of Alana Cruz (supplied)

A marketing expert in the legal industry with a great dog called Pepper, who has developed legal apps and enjoyed the traditional university experience at ANU. Our interviewee also gives some advice on how to survive and thrive in ANU law (hint: do your readings!).

For this edition of Peppermint, we interview ANU Juris Doctor student Alana Cruz.

What degree are you enrolled in?

Juris Doctor

What was your background prior to enrolling at ANU?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Management at UTS in 2017 and have been working in marketing and most recently in business development in the legal industry.

Why did you choose to study law at ANU?

After studying at UTS which did not have much of a campus due to the spread of buildings throughout Sydney, I was looking forward to a more traditional university experience with my move to Canberra. The law school at ANU also has a great reputation.

What have you enjoyed the most from your degree (e.g., culture, specific courses or lecturers, etc.)?

The variety of interesting electives on offer has been great. I've been able to study some unique legal electives such as legal app development and financial crime law during the course of my degree.

What do you do outside of your ANU law degree for work/hobbies/etc.?

I work full time, so I don't have much free time! I have a dog though - Pepper and I like to go out and about on walks around Canberra together.

What do you think the ANU College of Law could improve on based on your experiences?

I personally have had a great experience, especially starting during the COVID period and I thought the transition to online learning was seamless.

What piece of advice would you give to students looking to survive and thrive in ANU law?

Nothing revolutionary, but keeping up with your readings and attending tutorials makes a huge difference in your learning, and staying connected with your class mates.

If you could go back in a time machine, what advice would you give yourself before starting law at ANU?

Think long and hard if you really want to be a lawyer!!

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