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Peep Review – ANU Law Revue’s All’s Fair in Love and Law (2023)

By Adhina Jose

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

Peep Review is a Peppercorn series for reviews of ANU law student events and beyond.

As part of its incredible 51st year in 2023, the ANU Law Revue’s All’s Fair in Love and Law did not disappoint. An incredibly funny, fast paced, witty show that captured hearts as well as left all of us in a state of laughter. This year’s theme showcased the talent and variety of sketches that were done by a fabulous cast and crew who clearly put in an incredible amount of time and thought into creating Law Revue for a university audience. Law Revue is a comedy show created by students for the wider ANU community, that seeks to engage individuals for a memorable night. As Peppercorn was given the opportunity to attend the show, I was taken aback by the sheer talent I saw and also the engagement from the audience that lifted the atmosphere so much more.

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

The show was directed, produced, and fully created by ANU students and it could be seen from the get-go how much talent it encompassed. This included: 110 pages worth of original script, more than 300 original sketches and songs being written, official songs performed by a student run talented band, and many more choreography, costumes, technical expertise that was done. From the moment the show began, we were guaranteed some great entertainment.

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

There were a few memorable sketches that caught my attention this year, and no they were not overly related to the law as one would suspect. As a sucker for some Gen Z comedy combined with a few songs and dance, those sketches were my favourite. The sketch ‘Dream Girl’, which consisted of the very talented director Layla Brady singing an original combined with the extremely talented and incredible guitarists, was one of the sketches that showcased the exquisite talent of the group. Another sketch ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ was also a stand out, as it brought to life our very real unhinged thoughts that, especially as a Gen Z, comes out as comedic, sarcastic and real.

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

Interestingly, the ‘Law’ aspect of ANU Law Revue appears to be an historical theme from when it started as an actual law revue, as at times there was very minimal legal sketches in the show. Maybe a name change is a little too late, but it might also set expectations a bit considering there are other competing ANU subject-matter revues (ANU Arts Revue, ANU Science Revue etc.). The ANU Law Revue has a half century of history behind it, so I’m sure a name change this late in the game perhaps wouldn’t deter people from seeing the oldest/biggest revue on campus.

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

As this was my first time attending ANU Law Revue, although it has existed consistently for 51 years, I was blown away and would highly recommend this show to anybody who is in for a night of comedy and entertainment. While I was surprised at how the law not the main theme, with the nuanced reflections and attitude of the law and the sprinkle of law student dialogue in the show – ANU Law Revue still lived up to its name. From now on, through seeing first-hand what an incredible event Law Revue is, I’d encourage everybody to attend to have a night with nothing but good vibes.

ANU Law Revue 2023 (supplied)

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