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Tiny Love Stories 2.0

Anonymous submissions compiled by Georgia Sprivulis.

Concept based off The New York Times ‘Tiny Love Stories’.

“Choccy Milk and Barbeque Shapes”

I remember hearing pop songs in high school which talked about the satisfying feeling of being over someone. I always thought the singers were lying. I would never get over you. Then one day you drove past me as I was walking home with groceries with my new lover. He was slurping a choccy milk and had a box of barbeque Shapes under his arm. I could see you judging him and for the first time ever I understood those songs. I don’t care about you anymore. Keep on judging him, I’m happy.

Lucia, 26


I knew you were more attractive than me when we first met. I thought you were probably smarter than me too. I still got you anyway and I felt so pleased with myself. Then another girl hit on me in a bar while I was seeing you. I began seeing both of you and thought I was the shit. Then you both found out and I have neither of you. Now I know you are both smarter than me.

Percy, 21

The White House”

Whenever I look at you I think of this white house which was around the corner from the house I grew up in. I always envisioned a family of four in that house, a perfect, fictional family of four which would take the dog to the park together on a Saturday afternoon. Something about you was so safe, so suburban and so not right. But now you’re happy with someone else and I’m not. I wonder if you two will make it to the white house together.

Jaime, 24

“Staying in love”

I thought I was special because I was 19 and I was in love. Now I’m 22 and I know everyone falls in love. It’s staying in love that makes you special. I am not special.

Bianca, 22

“I thought we would never get along”

When we met, you were 20 and I was nearly thirty. I told you it would never work because our lives couldn’t intertwine, I would never get along with your 20-year-old friends. Three years later I’m in a new city meeting up with your old friend because she just moved there. We are going to have beers by the beach and I’m going to tell her I thought we would never get along and we will laugh. I can’t wait to marry you.

Daniel, 31

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