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The Top Ten Most Underrated Holiday Destinations

Georgia Sprivulis

Want to travel without breaking the bank? Get in on these underrated travel destinations before everyone else does!

Manila, Philippines

Typically thought of as a tropical destination, the bustling hive of activity that the Philippines’ capital city Manila provides is repeatedly overlooked. Often described as an “assault on the senses”, Manila provides a perfect mix of culture, heritage, delicious food and affordable accommodation, making it a must-see for any student travelling on a budget.

Krakow, Poland

Forget Warsaw, Krakow is quickly rising up the ranks as Poland’s tourist hotspot. The city centre boasts picturesque, historical architecture and insane nightlife, giving it the perfect balance of culture and fun. The infamous Wieliczka Salt Mines are not to be missed and for a sobering but important experience, Auschwitz is a day trip.

Boston, USA

Chowder. Baseball. History. Harvard. Despite being a bustling US city, Boston never quite gets a look in because of its larger counterparts; Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Don’t let this put you off! Hotels cost on average 20% less than other US cities and you will not be short of activities. Watch a Red Sox vs Yankee’s game at Fenway Park, try chowder somewhere along the Atlantic Ocean or go back in time to where the US Constitution was first formed (all whilst avoiding LA or NY traffic!).

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

World’s largest salt flat and a breeding ground for flamingo’s? Enough said.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

There really is something for everyone in Liverpool. Phenomenal nightlife, shopping, one of the best Premier League soccer teams, cathedrals, The Beatles…plus only a 3-hour train ride from London!

Colombo (or anywhere!), Sri Lanka

This tropical and diverse island off the southern tip of India offers everything from pristine beaches to ancient Buddhist temples to tea plantations and wildlife safaris. Recovering from its tourism setback after a 20-year civil war, Sri Lanka is quickly regaining its title as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Petra, Jordan

Supposedly, it’s impossible to put into words or capture in photographs the beauty of the ancient ruins and rock formations in Petra. Jordan is also considered the safest nation in the Arabian Peninsula, so there really is no good reason to avoid this overlooked gem.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

It might cost a bit to get there, but Tamarindo has an exceptionally cheap price of living. Combine that with plush rainforests and exotic waterfalls? Looks like TLC were wrong!

Brasov, Romania

Western Europe is expensive, busy and overdone. Eastern Europe however, is cheap, cultured and fun! Brasov provides storybook like historical architecture and even boasts Bran Castle, the place where Dracula supposedly lived.

Milos, Greece

This one is really for the ‘gram. Milos contains unique beaches with volcanic cliffs which make for excellent backdrops. What’s more, gyros are way cheaper here than in Mykonos or Santorini! Opa!

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