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Café Reviews

Updated: May 19, 2019

"During two years in Canberra I have self justified another cup of coffee far too

many times."

Lilli Ireland​ shares an ultimate guide to café study spots on and around Campus.

I don’t know about you, but studying can, at least occasionally, be less than

enjoyable. There are two things I find that help me get through the tedious times.

The first; a strong dose of caffeine. The second; surrounding myself with people

from the outside world so I can almost live via osmosis through strangers who

aren’t trying to defy laws of time and fit four weeks of content into one day.

During two years in Canberra I have self justified another cup of coffee far too

many times. Naturally this has instigated a fear of checking my bank account to

see just how much damage my bougie habits have wrought on my non-bougie


Unfortunately, HECs doesn’t quite cover caffeine addiction. However, it means I

have explored all of the (non-bush) parts of Canberra and found my favourite

places, which are a light even in the darkest of times (I’m looking at you, week

12). After all, nowhere but Canberra hosts cafes that have reluctantly accepted

the dense student population which spends mere dollars to justify aggressively

hogging a table for hours; stealing warmth, wifi and wattage.

So here it is: the ultimate guide to café study spots on and around Campus. Note:

cafes I have unceremoniously been removed from for overstaying my welcome

are not included (a small, but nonetheless satisfying, revenge). I hope you can

appreciate this in a way that my bank account never will.

Grounds, Campus

● Pros: super convenient spot, nice coffee (sometimes a lil milky).

● Cons: often busy which triggers guilt for table hogging, can be quite cold in

winter, Daley Road dwellers prepare to see every single person you’ve

ever met. Come in college merch or not at all.

● Overall rating: 6.5/10

School of Art Café, School of Art

● Pros: doubles as a bakery.

● Cons: doubles as a bakery.

● Overall: 7/10

Little Pickle, Forestry Building

● Pros: the building has just been redone so there is lots of little nooks to

explore, enviro people (objectively the nicest on campus).

● Cons: sometimes my coffee has been more burnt than that one time I got

heat stroke.

● Overall: 6.5/10

University House, Campus

● Pros: The best hot chocolates, always has free tables, nice spots outside in

summer, cozy in winter, opens late (8am-8pm).

● Cons: do not come here on a Thursday/Friday night unless your kink is

studying while in the company people having a LOT more fun than you.

● Overall: 9/10

Street Theatre Café, Childers Street

● Pros: spacious, tasty coffee, and the only café I know that has student

prices (!!).

● Cons: really close to campus but lacks campus wifi, so obtaining wifi

password involves actually talking to a human waiter/ess; be prepared.

● Overall: 8/10

Lonsdale St Roasters, Braddon

● Pros: Probably the most quintessential café for studying with tree top

views (just try not to feel inspired to write a novel), super friendly, good

coffee. If you stay long for a long enough duration, and look sufficiently

sad/poor, its rumoured they give you free pastries.

● Cons: busy on weekends, and a little trek for those not used to travelling

beyond campus, only has CBR-Free wifi (yes Cady, the limit does exist).

● Overall: 9/10

Oliver Brown, Civic and Dickson

● Pros: an abundance of power points (a rare and valuable commodity),

good wifi, opens til late, always empty - it must be the only place in

existence where workers are actually happy for your lengthy presence.

● Cons: coffee is not their thing; chocolate is (potentially this is a strong


● Overall: 8/10

Pollen, the Botanical Gardens

● Pros: such a beautiful place, amazing if you want highly aesthetic

backgrounds to your study, good coffee.

● Cons: very pricey, not ornithophobe friendly (intimate bird experiences

100% guaranteed), lots of families on the weekend (babies are cute but


● Overall: 7/10

Psycadelli, Marcus Clarke

● Pros: spacious, possible to convince yourself you’re a successful

businessperson, close but forgotten (always lots of space). Come in a suit

if you want to fit in.

● Cons: okay-ish coffee, regretfully no loyalty cards (or potentially just

none for fraudulent businesspersons).

● Overall: 7/10

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